Gun Control

A good article.  One of the commentators mentioned a study compring Seattle and Vancouver BC.  When demographics were factored in, the gun homicide rates were essentially equal.   The demographic group that skewed the results was the blacks, which accounted for a vastly disproportionate percentage of gun violence.

A liberal would attribute this to a variety of black disadvantages and social issues.  I believe it is much more due to the liberal racist agitators like Al Sharpton, and BHO and his racist AG, Eric Holder.  Also the lefts class warfare rhetoric, movements like “Black Lives Matter” “Occupy Wall Street”. etc. etc.  Liberal social policies have destroyed the  black family, and drugs finished the job.

The fact is, the most violent cities in the Country are run by democrats, and have draconian restrictions on gun ownership which are only obeyed by law abiding citizens. In in these cities, black homicide rates are astronomical.  Its a cultural issue, and its not the “gun culture”.  Its the black urban culture of dependency, poverty, and dispair, further stoked with rage by the race baiters, and fueled with drugs and gangs.

Until we are actually able to have an “honest discussion” about the demographics of gun crime, we will not begin to solve the problem.  And in fact, according to Finagle’s Rule (a corollary to Murphy’s Law), “Every attempt to rectify the problem will only make it worse”


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