The GOP Must Adapt to the mood of the Country or face Extinction

This article provides insight into the malaise and discontent of mainstream Conservative Americans who have watched the decline of our precious Liberty, our values, and indeed our very way of life.  We expected the GOP to keep its promises to stop Obama’s subversive betrayal, and instead they have joined him.  With control of both houses of the legislative branch they could have refused to fund rogue agencies, but no.  They have sold out America.

Donald Trump may not be the perfect candidate, but he speaks of putting America first, and he is not part of the corrrupt beltway “establishment”.

The economy and immigration are big issues, and they are related.  People are sick and tired of “Political Correctness” which most now recognize as an Orwellian method of thought control.

Many are beginning to recognize that Anthropomorphic climate change is a big lie and those behind it are using it to accomplish the UN’s “Agenda 21” to establish a World totalitarian Socialist government, and destroy the free enterprise system.


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