We are allowing hundreds of thousands of Muslims into this Country through legal immigration.  They are, indeed, “Fundamentally Transforming America”

Our culture and our security are under siege.   Our grocery stores are now carrying “Halal” meat, we are told to press “1 for English, 2 for Spanish” by automated telephone attendants, and ATM machines, and “Sharia compliant financing and investing” is taking over.  Many Muslims in this Country are already demanding implementation of “Sharia Law”.  These “immigrants” are NOT integrating and assimilating into society, and how many are “Jihadists”.  Even if they don’t set up terrorist cells, they are a direct threat to America.  Obama’s closest advisor, Valerie Jarrett has a stated agenda to Islamify America.

This insane National suicide is being orchestrated by our own president, who has just bypassed Congress to give Iran billions of dollars and a certain path to a nuclear bomb.  With that much money they can buy bombs from Pakistan or North Korea now, even if they won’t have their own for a few years.

Obama is clearly on the side of oir enemies and its way past time for his impeachment for treason.


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