Government Mind Control

When I attended the psychologic operations school at Ft Bragg NC in 1971 we were instructed that the Federal government was prevented by law from employing the PSYOP techniques we were learning (how to manipulate public opinion) against the American people.  As with many other laws, our government deems itself above the law.

I have been watching this closely since the Vietnam war (which we lost, not on the battlefield, but at home in the arena of public opinion).  I have direct inside knowledge that the key leadership of the Vietnam anti-war movement was trained in Havana Cuba at a school run by the Soviets.

The amount of government sponsored propaganda has increased markedly, and most people recognize that official data on the health of the economy, unemployment, etc. has been manipulated to make things look better than reality.

Then there is the completely “Orwellian” “political correctness” movement which is a blatant attempt at thought control.

And we know that the books have been “cooked” on so called man caused “global warming”.  The objectives of the latter are particularly sinester.


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