On School Shootings and the Armed Citizen


Not only is the media responsible for creating the false impression that there is an increase in these shootings, it is also responsible for causing some of them through the “copy cat” influence.

Obama has immediately seized this latest “opportunity too good to waste” to try to further his agenda of disarming law abiding citizens.  He argues that the horrendous murder rates in our largest (Democrat controlled) cities in spite of draconian gun control laws are because those laws aren’t applied Nationally.

The obvious fact is that despite a virtual prohibition on private gun ownership in Mexico, the drug cartels have no trouble obtaining military grade weapons.  (“Fast and Furious” was a DOJ effort to prove they were getting their guns from the US. They weren’t.) The biggest school shooting in recent years was in Norway.

There is no way to stop bad guys from getting guns, or other means of mass murder (gasoline for example).  The only way to stop them is the presence of a good guy with a gun.

Unfortunately these murders occur almost exclusively in “gun free zones” where the good guys who actually obey the law aren’t armed.  The police invariably arrive too late, so a properly trained, armed citizenry is the only viable alternative to a police state.  And the most effective armed citizen is carring concealed.  Otherwise the bad guys simply ambush them first by surprise, or avoid the area where they are present.


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