I have read Vadum’s book, and he is quite correct.  The subversives in this Country are alive and more active than ever with one goal which they share with their leader:  To “fundementally transform America”.  At the time no one thought to ask: “into what?”

It has become clear over the past 7 years that the “what” is a totalitarian socialist police state which will seize the wealth that our free enterprise system has produced (yes, your assets) to “redistribute” to the vultures feeding on the carcass of our once great America.  That is the course we are on, and it explains why a significant majority of Americans agree the Country is on the wrong path.

When the carcass is gone the vultures will enslave the survivors of the carnage to continue to support their lavish life styles.  The current war against the police may well expand into a war against the “White minority”.  Best be prepared to defend your life and property, or flee.  Let us pray it never comes to that, but we are dangerously close to it.  Evil is running loose.


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