I watched the GOP debates Tuesday night, and am now leaning very heavily toward Ted Cruz.  He is smart, articulate, tough, Conservative, strong on National security, and enough of a Washington outsider with a record of “taking on” the “establishment” RINOS.  I believe he can and (even more importantly) will do what is needed to restore America’s greatness, and I believe he can win.

I believe the illegal invasion by more than 15,000, 000, 000 illegal aliens has created a huge surplus of labor, driving unemployment up and wages down.  If the supply of labor were balanced with the availability of jobs, real unemployment would be less than 3% (it is well over 10% now), labor participation would recover and the middle class would begin to prosper again.  Ilegal immigration is a huge cost to tax payers, as most end up receiving very expensive publicly funded benefits far in excess of their contributions.  It has led to the infiltration of the drug cartels, and violent gangs, and potentially terrorists into our Country.  It is not just an economic issue.  It is a direct threat to our National security, culture and sovereignty.

I also believe that legal immigration, particularly of Muslims must also be stopped.  They aren’t coming here to become Americans, they are coming here to “Fundamentally transform America” into part of a Worldwide Caliphate, and among them are many potential terrorists.

We at war with Islam, and what Obama is doing by admitting 10’s of thousands of Syrian and other middle eastern refugees is National suicide.  It is like if Roosevelt had allowed unlimitted immigration from Japan during WWII.


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