Campus Radicalism

When I returned from an active duty tour (deployment) in Vietnam in 1969, I enrolled in Western Washington University to complete my bachelor’s degree.  At that time the campus was in complete turmoil caused by “campus radicals” Their objective was to gain complete control over hiring and firing of faculty,  curriculum,  and admissions.  The purpose of this control was to transform the university from an institution of higher learning into a machine for far left political indoctrination and subversion. This was going on at campuses all over the country.  The leaders of these radicals had been trained in Cuba (  Ostensibly they went there to help Castro harvest sugar cane.  In reality, they were trained by the Soviets in subversion.  Saul Alinsky, Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Bill Ayers, Bernadette Doehrn, the SDS and the Weather Underground were all part of that anti-American communist subversive movement.  They were successful in infiltrating radical leftists (Communists) into academia, the media, and government.  Their subversion continues on our campuses, and is embodied in Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation of America”.

It has always been about establishing a totalitarian Communist regime, and we now at a point where a self avowed “Socialist” is a credible candidate for President of the United States.  Howard Zinn has re-written our history, and our young people have no idea of the inherent evils and deeds perpetrated by Communist regimes over the last hundred years.


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