Immigration Impact

The impacts of illegal (and legal) immigration include the billions of dollars they cost tax payers in a time when the Country is rapidly approaching insolvancy, jobs at a time when over 93 million working age adults are not in the labor force, depression of wages, loss of the money that is sent out of the country, National security, and loss of our language and culture.  And crime.   We have little to gain and much to lose in allowing more immigration, and much to gain by simply enforcing existing current laws.

I don’t believe it would be necessary to round up and deport millions.  A National ID card for all US citizens, and denial of ALL benefits to those who are here illegally would result most “self deporting”.  A recent FOX poll found majority support for this.  I have personally carried a similar card (military ID) since 1963, and has never threatened my personal liberty.   Quite the contrary, it has always been a passport to many special privileges.  A National ID card to replace the  (useless for identification purposes) Social Security card would grant the privileges of US citizenship (including voting) to those legally entitled, and prevent those not.

We must also stop granting citizenship to “anchor babies”  that law has been misinterpreted.  It was intended to prevent the dis-enfranchisement of former slaves.


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