No Fly No Buy?

Although the attached article doesn’t mention the NRA, the left has attacked the NRA for opposing the denial of the right to purchase firearms by those on the “No Fly List”.  The media does not provide the reason the NRA opposed this seemingly common sense measure.  The simple reason is the nature of the list.  It is secret, and those on it are not even notified they are on it.  Furthermore, many of those on it should not be…and there is no “due process”.  Such a policy would give government bureaucrats the ability to deny American citizens a “Constitutionally guaranteed right” without any due process.

If the list contained only those who really represented a potential security threat, and there were due process safeguards included, I am quite certain the NRA would support such a rule.

Given the present regime’s penchant for abuse of power, and the flawed nature of the “No Fly List” the NRA was right to oppose the proposal.


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