I have some serious concerns about a President Trump.  Mainly that we have already had an arrogant, narcissistic President who ingores the law, and we don’t need to replace one dictator with another, even if many of us do like his message.

50 years of subversion of the foundations of America, capped by 8 years of dictatorial rule by “their annointed one” have so destroyed the foundation of our Nation, that I’m not sure our America can ever recover without a revolution and the temporary rule of a strong man.

The subversives must be identified and discredited.  They should be prevented from serving in public service, education, and the media.  Those who are not eager to accept our values and laws should not be permitted to immigrate.  English must be our official language.  Anchor babies should not be allowed.  Illegal aliens must be deprived of all benefits, including employment, education, all but truly emergency medical care.  The only way some of this can be implemented is with the issuance of of a Nationak ID card.   Those of you who fear this, I canonly assure you I have carried such a card ( military ID card) for over 50 years and it has NEVER compromised my liberty.

Can that be done within the Constitution?  If we do elect another totalitarian, even if of our liking, will he ever relinquish power and lead us back to our Constitution?

It might take longer, but I believe a strong Conservative who is willing to “take on” the establishment, but also will adhere to his oath of office is the better alternative.  I believe Ted Cruz could be that man, if he has the leadership skills to gain the support he will need for a “fundamental restoration of America”.


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