Immigration & Terrorism

Well if you don’t have the resources to scrutinize everyone, maybe you should scrutinize those who match the profile of the enemy.  This insane obsession of the left to treat everyone the same regardless will lead to all of us surrendering our civil liberties because of the crimes of a few.  Discrimination has gotten a bad name.  Discrimination is how we make intelligent choices every day.  The current gun control hysteria is a fine example.  Our existing gun laws and even confiscation of all privately owned firearms will never stop terrorists.  Hard drugs are illegal, but those who want them have no trouble finding them.  Profile?  Of course!  To the “left wing loonies” I say get over it!

Obama wants to admit as many as 300,000 Syrian refugees into this country and assures us they will be properly vetted.  Here is an example of how effective that vetting is:


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