Obama Corruption

In addition to wildly redistributing our hard earned tax dollars to his cronys, his political appointmrnts based entirely on rewarding his financial supporters rather than merit are endangering our safety and security.  Most Presidents have rewarded their patrons with largely irrelevant ambassadorships to unimportant countries, but they also usually gave primacy to their qualifications when appointing to really important cabinet positions.  Not Obama.



I had a Top Secret security clearance when I was an active duty.  The definition of Top Secret includes:  “Would result in GRAVE DAMAGE to the United States if compromised”  By definition, storing such material on a private non-secure e-mail server where it was almost certainly “hacked” compromised it.  That woman (Ms Clinton) must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  Her security clearance must be revoked, and she should disqualified for ever holding public office.


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