Selling Out American College Grads

There are many documented stories where companies have hired these Non-American citizens to replace Americans as much lower wages.  In some cases they have essentially made their existing employees “dig their own grave” by requiring them to train their foreign replacements.

This is a combination of corruption (influence of a few large companies who want cheaper labor) and the subversive agenda of Barack Hussein Obama, who has done everything within his power to destroy America as we know it.

Please don’t forget that no matter what she says during the campaign (she is a proven pathological liar), Hillary Clinton shares Obama’s ultra far left ideology and agenda, and will likely support his unlawful action if she is (God Forbid) elected.  Especially if the big companies who lobby for this make major contributions to the Clinton Foundation, or pay Bill Clinton million dollar speaking fees.

With 93 Million American Citizens out of the workforce, and many who are working are under employed and working part time jobs (thanks to Obama care rules for employers), many of whom are college graduates, this action is absolutely unforgivable.


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