Who Is Obama At War With?



Obama sends arms to Al Quida elements in Syria, but uses the Social Security Administration and the Veterans Administration to take guns away from people who have someone else manage their financial affairs.  Then he uses an Islamic terrorist attack (which he very reluctantly acknowleged as such) as an excuse to further attack the 2nd Amendment rights of American citizens.  At every opportunity he has he grabs more guns from law abiding citizens.

None of these actions would have eliminated a single recent “mass shooting”.  He claims he wants to reduce gun violence, but his Administration fails to deal with the real causes of gun violence and prosecution of gun crimes is way down.  His actions are an unmistakable indication of his desire to disarm the American people, despite his false contrary false statements.

The recent Defense Authorization act removed the “Posse Comitatus” law which prevented the US military from being deployed against American citizens.

And he is heavily arming his bureaucrats with combat equipment including fully automatic weapons.  He denies that we are at war with radical Islam while he evidently is preparing for war against American citizens.


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