The “millenials” and youth of this Country need to know the truth about socialism. Marx himself stated that the purpose of socialism was to be a step to communism. So what? So communist countries are inevitably totalitarian and only the party elite live in anything close to the standard of living enjoyed by the average American. These “workers paradises” are so wonderful they must build walls with barbed wire and watch posts with spot lights and machine guns to keep their citizens from fleeing. How many desparate people drown in small boats fleeing TO Cuba? These regimes are responsible for the most unimaginable atrocities againt their citizens, including torture and genocide. Are there any exceptions? Sure, a few small european countries with homogenous populations and usually a natural resource based source of weath. As Margaret Thatcher said “Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money”. The greatest danger America faces is IGNORANCE.

We won the cold war but lost the peace because of the “enemy within”.  It is a very sad day for America when “socialism” becomes acceptable.  The founders of the Communist Party were very candid in stating that “the only purpose of Socialism was as a stage in the transition to Communism”  God help U.S.!


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