Culture War (Subversion)

This a prettr long article, but worth reading if you want to understand the driving forces that are destroying America.


2 thoughts on “Culture War (Subversion)

  1. I do want to understand these things, but no, I can’t accept David Horowitz as a primary, reliable academic source outside the areas of English or Literature, his two degrees. He’s a non-historian writing about history.

    Everyone makes choices about who to believe, who’s information to trust. My own bias is that if you don’t have credential in a field of study, you might have useful ideas, but you don’t have the authority of someone who DOES have credential.


    1. Mikey, I appreciate your comment, however having “been there and done that” usually trumps so called academia, especially in the arena of politics. I believe the regugees from “mother Russia”, Cuba and Vietnam know a lot more about the realities of communism than some far left academic. And I believe that Horowitz’s early life uniquely qualifies him to write on the issue.


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