The Death Of Scalia

The Supreme Court is, or has been one of the few remaining constraints to Obama’s unconstitutional executive over reach, and Justice Scalia was the one Justice who most stalwartly defended the Constitution.  His importance in this was so great, and the timing of his death so convenient for Obama’s agenda that it is already sparking conspiracy theories that his death may not have been accidental.  We may never know, but what is certain is that Obama will take full advantage of this “crisis” to install one more liberal justice, giving him a majority of liberal justices who will be in a position to allow his continued demolition of our Constitution and our liberty.  Obama must not be allowed to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice!¡no-pasaran-senate-must-give-obama-supreme-court-appointment/?utm_source=rsmorningbriefing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl


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