Illegal immigration

This article supports what I’ve been saying all along.  It will not be necessary to “round up”  the 12 million illegals in the Country.  Just deny them all of the benefits of citizenship.   How?  Very simple: a counterfeit proof national ID for US citizens.  Most other countries already have it.  Also make English the official language and stop publishing government printing of ballots in any other language.

Without the card, you don’t work, attend school, vote,  get welfare or food stamps, drive, fly, cash a check, vivit Canada and return, or wire money to their Country of origin.   Sanctuary citues would be denied all Federal funds.  Humitarian emergency medical treatment could be provided on a one time basis, followed by an immediate report to ICE.

Other non-citizens here legally would be identified by their passports.  Citizenship by birth would be repealed, at least for illegals.  If this were implemented, the vast majority of illegals would “self deport” making the task of deporting the rest very manageable.

Not only would this be far more cost effetive than a physical barrier, it would have many other benefits.  Voter fraud and identity theft would be reduced.  The economic burden of 12 million illegals would be eliminated.  The current labor surplus would be eliminated and wages would rise without need for government mandated minimum wages. And, it would be more difficult for terrorists to enter the Country.

I am amazed that no one has proposed this plan during debates.


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