Out of Control Government

As Ronald Reagan said:  “Government is not the solution; government IS the problem”   A friend once asked me:  “Aren’t you glad you’re not getting all the government you are paying for?”  Of course I said yes, but things have gotten much worse in the 40 years since he asked that question.

What I believed then, and now is that what we desperately need is a complete review of the right and proper function of government at all levels.  Part of the problem is that the Federal govern collects way too much money.  That has led to massive corruption.  The Federal government should only collect enough to support essential federal functions.  The States should collect 100% of their own funds, not be getting Federal funds with the inevitible “strings” attached.

The Federal Register should be abolished, the regulatory agencies andvregulations reduced to the bare essentials.  Every new regulation must be read, studied, its impacts fully understood and enacted into law by Congress or State Legislature.  New regulations should be made as difficult to enact as an environmental impact study.



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