Do you remember the massive new “mega data” center the government built in Utah? Ever heard of the “Carnivore” program? Didn’t Obama just surrender U.S. control of the internet to the U.N.? Has the IRS harassed groups because of their political orientation? What about the DOJ and the EPA? What about “No Fly” lists made secretly by bureaucrats with no judicial overview and no appeal process? Does this “Administration” have an enemies list?

Everything you say or do is being monitored by “Big Brother!  Every e-mail, phone conversation, credit card transaction, your social media likes and dislikes, everywhere you go (if you have a cell phone, or surveillance cameras and facial recognition if you don’t).  Even this posting.  All being recorded, not for National security, but potentially to control you, just as they did with James Comey.

The NSA has had Hillary’s emails all along.  They didn’t want to release them for 2 reasons:  1.  Political.  The head of the NSA is an Obama appointee, as are its most senior executives.  And 2.  The NSA doesn’t want the public to become aware of the extent of their intrusions into our privacy.  So, conscientious mid level NSA employees leaked Hillary’s emails to Wikileaks, and then blamed the Russians for “hacking” them.

This type of tyranny is much closer to U.S. than most people realize!  BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING!


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