One of the Alynsky Rules for Radicals was to bankrupt the system.   The U.S. is already $20, 000, 000, 000 in debt.  When interest rates rise because our “credit rating” declines, the interest alone will consume most of the Federal budget.  If the Fed prints more money, inflation will destroy our economy and we will end up like the old Soviet Union in total collapse.

Hillary Clinton wants to increase immigration from the middle east, Syria in particular by more than 500%.  And we already have  Muslim problem in this Country.  Most if these Muslim immigrants do not come here to become “Americans”:  they are not assimilating, and they come here to force U.S. be become Islamic.  And, as in Sweden, they are not only subverting our culture, they are a very significant economic burden.  Hillary Clinton is an Alynsky accolyte.  No surprise she wants open borders.


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