This is a very long article, but well researched and documented.

It does mention the training of certain American radical subversive Communist groups, but does not mention the subversive American “Vinceremos” brigades (Google. It).

Many members of that group have infiltrated into key positions in our contemporary society including our education system, government, and the media where they continue to undermine and subvert our culture and institutions.

The Left’s continuing love and idolatry of Castro is undoubtedly partly due to Cuban trained subversives operating within our academia (eg. William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, et al.)

Our youth today have been subjected to decades of Leftist propaganda in our public schools, universities, and National mainstream media while at the same time receiving a poisoned view of American history (Howard Zinn’s “History Of America” is the standard H.S. textbook).

With no exposure to the true nature of Communism and it’s precursor Socialism, is it any wonder that the most coddled, spoiled affluent generation of our youth flocked to Bernie Sanders who promised so many freebies?


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