Trump VS The Clinton Cartel

Actually, that Trump is still on his feet after the unprecedent media smear against him is testament to his  toughness and commitment to his promise to “Make America Great Again”  Don’t think it is just a big ego.  Remember he doesn’t need the job.  He owns his own Air Force One, has billions that he earned the old fashioned way, a gorgeous intelligent wife and family.  Why on earth would he want to be our President, a really difficult job that ages one at four times the normal rate, and requires extraordinary personal protection, unless it is for exactly the reasons he has given.  He may not be a perfect man, but he is honest (to a fault) loves his Country and his policies are absolutely what America needs to get back on the right track for everyone.


The Grand Jihad

I have been reading “The Grand Jihad”.  This book documents the true nature of our enemies and in particular their collusion with both Obama and Clinton to “Islamify” America.  And that the Council of Islamic America Relations (CAIR) is a subversive, anti American, terrorist sponsoring organization.  That Clintons closest (and most intimate) advisor: Huma Abedin has close ties to CAIR, and the Muslim Brotherhood, is deeply troubling.  That CAIR is heavily funding Clinton is even more troubling.

Dangerous Collusion

Be afraid.  Be very afraid!

What Kind Of Country?

We are at a crossroad that would lead U.S. back to the right path, or much further down the wrong path and our destruction.  The choice could not be more clear.  We must not allow Hillary Clinton to become our next President.  These articles say it all:

Rigged Mainstream Media

Unfortunately a latge plurality of voters depend entirely on the mainstream media in forming their opinions about nearly everything.

With the massive media bias, it is not possible to have a fair election, and it is the death of democracy in this Country.

And to make matters even worse, the Left has openly declared it’s intention to shut down conservative speech both on talk radio and the internet.  John Kerry was able to get Julian Assanges access to the internet cut off, and Obama has ceded American control of the internet to the UN.

I have no doubt that my posts to this site are not only being monitored by the NSA, but if Hillary wins, conservative posts on any and all internet sites will be blocked.  They already have Breitbart and Drudge in their sights.